Energy Estimates is an Australian owned family company, specialising in electrical estimating services and reporting on contract construction risk and cost Australia wide.

Energy Estimates adheres to a value system built on the time tested foundations of Integrity, Service, Commitment and is focused on providing value-for-money solutions for our clients through collaborative relationship.

The experience and efficient conveyance that the Energy Estimates team brings to every task ratifies confidence in critical decisions and choices.

Our mission is our client’s prosperity.

Management Profile

Electrical Estimating Manager - Rob Pratt

Rob has more than 40 years experience in electrical contracting in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria and has worked in various senior roles. These roles with national companies have included, General Manager, Operations Manager, Service Manager, Electrical Estimator and Estimating Manager.

Rob Pratt, Electrical Estimating Manager

Our Experience

  • Estimating management
  • Developing project opportunities in the mining sector
  • Operations management
  • Scheduling
  • Evaluating and improving estimating systems and practices


Projects delivered include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial, industrial and resource projects
  • High voltage installations (surface and underground)
  • Electrical and instrumentation projects
  • Design and construct projects
  • Refurbishment and upgrades


Our commitment to clients is to propagate expedient, confidential, ethical and systematic service.


The Energy Estimates team recognise that time is of the essence in relation to the delivery of submissions for projects in order to meet requirement dates.

To ensure efficient process integration, our procedures, standards and software for construction projects are pre-developed and flexible to simplify conversion into client specific systems.

Our team is available for both short AND long term assignments, completely resourced as a full package option, or alternatively as a supplement coterie within the client office.

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The Energy Estimates team places great emphasis on achieving a high level of communication in its work, not only within the organisation but also with clients, suppliers and its networks within the industry. We believe that team building fosters co-operation among personnel, which encourages an open forum for sharing ideas. The development of trust and open communications between participants is essential for the ascendancy and reliability of the estimate result. We are absolutely committed to improving and focusing on all these aspects to deliver high quality estimate reports.

We are also committed to extending ongoing support to our clients by partisan problem solving either in-house or by remote consultancy.


For all projects, Energy Estimates offers to provide a Project Management team for executing the scope of work for the electrical and instrumentation works. 


Project Management team functions offered include the following:

  • Establish project procedures and plans for internal work and co-ordination with the Client and other contractors.
  • Implement Security/Safety compliance plan.
  • Monitor and report progress measured against the plan. (The progress reporting measurement scheme will be agreed with the Client prior to implementation.)
  • Following this agreement, the Energy Estimates Project Management team will direct any actions needed to expedite process, obtain the Client approvals etc. as described in the project procedures.
  • Monitor work scope and advise the Client of any potential deviations as soon as they are identified in the trend program.
  • Co-ordinate between the project office, sub-contractors, and suppliers to ensure tasks are correctly interfaced.
  • Establish, monitor and report project schedule performance in meeting the Client milestones.
  • Monitor and report project procurement activities.
  • Monitor and report budget v actual costs reports, and cost to complete reports.
  • Establish total quality management process and monitor implementation.
  • Establish a team-build program and monitor implementation.
  • Ensure client confidentiality.
  • Ownership of description of Scope of Work WBS by major activity and location.
  • Provide OH&S execution plan for each activity.
  • Provide and maintain Construction Schedule with key milestones.
  • Co-ordinating Construction Schedule progress between project office, sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • Provide and maintain Organisation charts, including names of personnel and manpower summaries by major activity and location.


Energy Estimates is committed to improving the quality of work through its focus on client needs. It incorporates features into projects, such as waste elimination, value engineering and continuous improvement, charting work process, measuring key elements, and then using the information to improve work efficiency.

Target Results

Our policy is to maintain a quality plan to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 for which a quality control manual can be issued for specific requirements. We look upon quality assurance and quality control as the application of correct procedures and checks to all aspects of the subject and verifying that end results are fit for the purpose.

The quality plan will cover in detail all aspects of the process and assure quality at all phases and throughout all documentation. By enforcing its quality plan rigidly, we will ensure a top class job with a high standard of delivery.

A key task at the outset of a project is to tailor the QA/QC documentation to the Client's / Owner's particular requirements. The procedures would then be tested to ensure no deviation from those requirements.

All activities will be monitored in accordance with pre-determined checklists and Quality documents. Any non-compliance activity will be identified for necessary action.

The Quality Plan will be completely integrated with systems completion criteria and the work breakdown structure of the project matched to the project controls breakdown schedule. Each individual work package will have the full range of quality packs required by the plan, in line with clients procedures.

The Project Manager is accountable to the senior management and board of ENERGY ESTIMATES for the quality of each project, as determined by regular quality audits. Non-conformance as issued by the Quality Assurance Manager to the Project Manager for action will be the accepted method.

We are committed to producing a quality plan that complies fully with client/owner requirements and that will be wholly consistent with the overall project quality assurance plan.

The Energy Estimates Quality Statement and Quality Management System can be supplied on request.


Energy Estimates is comprehensively committed to the welfare of people and the good outcome for the project

Occupational Health & Safety

It is our policy that no effort will be spared to ensure the safety, health and welfare of all its employees and all other individuals affected by the activities of the company.

Health, Safety & Environment plans will be reviewed and approved for compliance with the overall project OHS+E plan. These plans will be designed to meet or exceed all local and generally accepted international regulations. Health, safety and environmental protection will be integral components of the planning and execution of the project

From the outset of large industrial projects, a dedicated senior safety officer will be appointed and a project specific OHS+E plan will be prepared and agreed for inclusion in the project execution manual.

All employees seconded to the project, whether staff or workforce will be issued with the correct safety apparel for the jobsite.

Throughout the project, whether staff or workforce, OHS+E policies will be implemented and ongoing seminars and toolbox meetings will occur on a regular basis.

Daily site inspections are carried out at all job site work locations and corrective actions to any hazards or non-conformances are immediately implemented.

Our OHS+E Policy and Manual can be supplied upon request.

Environmental Management

The Energy Estimates team regard protection of the environment as being an important aspect of its operations and an element of good corporate citizenship.

We are committed to compliance of:

  • Federal and state legislation.
  • Observance of legal requirements on environmental protection matters.
  • Adoption and maintenance of sound environmental management and operating practices.

Procedures appropriate for each of its operating sites shall be issued, responsibilities for their execution assigned, and resources sufficient to execute the policies and procedures shall be deployed.